Did you know bats could be so beautiful? This lovely tale of fitting in deserves all its awards. Baby bat Stellaluna has lost her mummy. Shivering, cold and all alone, she ends up in a nest of baby birds. Mummy Bird tries to take care of Stellaluna, but she’s always the odd one out. Her feet are made for hanging, not perching. She doesn’t like snacking on bugs. Will Stellaluna ever find her real mum and the home where she truly belongs? Stunning pictures bring every moment of this sweet, moving story to life.

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    Janell Cannon

    Janell Cannon is the award-winning author and illustrator of picture books about unappreciated and fascinating creatures, including Crickwing, Verdi, and the beloved bestseller Stellaluna. She lives in Southern California.


    Jannell Cannon has won numerous awards for her picture books, including the American Booksellers’ Book of the Year award for modern classic Stellaluna.

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