Stephen, the Sprout of Kindness

The happiest rhyme! Tears? Slip-ups? Squabbles? This thoughtful sprout knows how to make things better. Will you help him to spread kindness? If someone is feeling sad – if the day goes from good to bad – Stephen the jolly sprout is here to help. If someone is sad, or hurt, or feeling bad, he always makes them feel better by being kind. Join Stephen as he spreads smiles everywhere: to the twins, who don’t want to share, and to poor Tess, when she makes a mess. Can you feel your kindness sprouting?

  • A heartwarming picture book about being kind
  • Full of simple ideas for helping others every day
  • Ends with a gallery of further suggestions to try
  • Looks at common situations such as sibling rivalry
  • Jolly rhyming text, bright pictures and a fun refrain

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