Sticker Street: Pip's Playful Pets

Read-alone bliss with cuddly pets and over 50 puffy stickers. Now you can have all the pets in the pet shop – without the noise and mess! On Sticker Street, a strange box has arrived at Pip’s Playful Pets. The animal friends who live at the shop are busy guessing what’s inside. A lion? A bear? A fox? A monster? When they finally open the box, will any of them be right? This super-cute story is told in simple rhymes which are very good for your reading skills. Enjoy it – then try out the puzzle and quiz, and play with your stickers for hours.

  • A rhyming easy reader with bright, quirky artwork
  • Over 50 puffy stickers, plus a quiz and picture puzzle
  • A picture dictionary, key words and tips for parents
  • Have fun guessing what the mystery animal is

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