Stretch Your Confidence!

Exercises to help you build empathy, get confident, try new things, discover untapped talents… what’s not to like? It’s time to take your self-esteem to the gym! That’s right: confidence is a muscle, and it’s time to get yours into shape. Think of this book as a personal coach who’ll teach you how to stretch and strengthen yours. It’s bursting with tried and tested strategies to help you discover what you can do and learn to handle any situation. From dealing with friendship wobbles to embracing mistakes and coping with change, it’s all within your power…

  • A fantastic guide to help kids release their potential
  • Helps to build resilience, self-esteem and empathy
  • Packed with fill-in activities, fun ideas and positivity
  • Written by an inclusivity expert and mindfulness coach
  • Quirky illustrations by a Blue Peter Award winner

“A perfect way to help any child develop confidence and support good mental health through fun activities. And, a rare thing for an activity book, this is a book to treasure and revisit time and time again.” Booktrust

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