Super Cats #1: Super Cats

They have nine lives, night vision and cool acrobatic skills. These cats must be superheroes, right? Tagg has spent his kittenhood thinking he’s a normal cat. But when he finds out his parents have superpowers, his world turns upside down. His mum has the most extraordinary claws. His dad is super-strong. What will Tagg’s power be? He can’t wait to find out! But sinister things are happening. Cats are vanishing from the streets – cats rumoured to have special powers. Plus, there’s a weird new cat in town: Nemesissy, a sleek Siamese with hypnotic powers. Is someone snatching the cats? What’s going on? Tagg means to find out and fight back. He may be a kitten – but he is SUPER!

  • First in a fast-paced superhero series full of cattitude
  • Ideal for fans of Holly Webb and Toto the Ninja Cat
  • Gwyneth Rees is a bestselling Red House Award winner
  • Her animal books include Cosmo and the Magic Sneeze

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  • Gwyneth Rees

    Gwyneth Rees is author of the best-selling Fairy and Magic Dress Shop series.


    Gwyneth won the Red House Book Award for The Mum Hunt in 2004.

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