Survival Squad: Out of Bounds

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Agreed? A book with more freezing thrills than a Bear Grylls survival course. Ouch. Read it when you’re snowed in. The Tiger Patrol are on an expedition on the desolate moors. They’re in the middle of nowhere. Then a new member runs off. Now they’re all in trouble – lost in the wild, exposed to the elements, and with no way to call for help. But they’re not called the Survival Squad for nothing. This is where their training kicks in…

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  • I loved it, I thought it was quite inspiring

    8 March 2014

  • This book is completely true, for a start the quote on the cover is completely true, I could relate to Jay in this book because before I joined scouts I used to do alot of reading and schoolwork, but the days I go to scouts it`s refreshing as I can take a break from my computer, my books, my homework and just have fun.

    The content of the book is also true as the motto is `be prepared` meaning don`t forget your map, compass, drinks bottle and food. When you are on treks and hikes like ten tors you need alot of equiptment. I really enjoyed the book, the author sounds like quite a high stamina, action packed guy, he knows all there is to know about scouts it seems to me!

    If you are a scout or want to be one you must buy this book and the rest of the series, at the back of the book is a tiger patrol diary, the diary contains a bit of info about things you do at scouts; learning knots, getting badges and going on hikes and camps!

    I rate this book 9/10, anyone who reads this and likes it must read the Bear Grylls series of books or the complete guide to scouting and watch Bear Grylls: Born Survivor.

    Ben, age 11

    17 April 2012

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