Terror Kid

What is a terrorist? Rico knows trouble. He knows the look of it and the sound of it. He also knows to stay away from it. Because if there’s one thing his Romany background has taught him, it’s that he’ll always be a suspect. But, in spite of his efforts to stay on the right side of the law, Rico is angry. At home and around the world, he sees injustice everywhere. He wants to do something – but what? And when he’s approached by Speech, a mysterious man who shares Rico’s hacktivist interests, he’s given the perfect chance to speak out. After all, what harm can a peaceful cyber-protest do…?

  • A shocking and timely novel about the choices that shape us
  • Explores big themes of justice, trust and idealism gone wrong
  • Benjamin Zephaniah is one of the UK’s best-loved writers
  • His books for older children include Refugee Boy and Face

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