That's Not My Puppy...

See that shaggy fur to tangle your fingers in? Touch-and-feel joy. One to make you woof. Scruffy pups with rough fur. Poodles with coats as soft as silk. Bark a hello to dogs of all sorts. Stroke their fur, fondle their ears and rub their fluffy tummies. Which puppy is perfect for you? All the pups in this book feel different, with their own special textures for you to touch and name. Stroke the touchy-feely panels and read the simple sentences. It’s got our tails wagging.

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  • This book is a great memory for me. I remember reading it to my cousin when he was 2.

    5 June 2014

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    Me and my son love these books he loves the touchy feely bit and the colourful pictures.

    4 March 2012

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