That’s So Gross! Animals

A funny, foul and fascinating book of awful animal antics! From pongy porcupines to poo-slinging monkeys, it’s a jungle out there! Now – animals aren’t taught to be polite like us humans are. Their mums don’t make them wash behind their ears, flush the loo or brush their hair. So their gross behaviour is bound to give you a laugh – and a scare! In this collection of hilariously wild trivia, you can arm yourself with animal facts such as: why angry monkeys fling poo at each other; why ostriches pee on their own legs; and how many hearts a squid has. From the one-and-only Mitchell Symons, it’s the most revolting reference ever!

Includes FREE collector cards.

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  • This sounds so disgusting!!(:

    9 April 2011

  • loved it

    is so descting i might be sick

    2 April 2011

  • I am wondering what this book will be like… Actually, I think it will be…DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tiana xxx

    20 March 2011

  • loved it

    it looks cool and funny.

    13 March 2011

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  • Photo of Mitchell Symons

    Mitchell Symons

    Mitchell Symons writes jaw-dropping, fact-packed books about the weird and wonderful world of trivia, and has twice won the prestigious Blue Peter award for Best Book with Facts.


    Mitchell Symons has twice won the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts, for Why Eating Bogeys is Good For You and Do Igloos have Loos?.

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