The 104-Storey Treehouse

Hello again from the world’s wackiest treehouse! Terry and Andy have just added thirteen cool new levels. Seriously: how tall can a treehouse get? There’s a burp bank, a fortress and a deep-thoughts thinking room that talks in bizarre riddles. Oh – and are you feeling fit? Check out the never-ending staircase to the top! Thing is, Andy and Terry have a problem: writer’s block. For once, they’re all out of ideas. Uh-oh! So now they’re racing against time to find a funny story for their next book…

  • Laugh-out-loud comedy told in text and wacky cartoons
  • Bestselling hi-jinks for fans of Mr Gum and Roald Dahl
  • Full of imagination, humour and topsy-turvy surprises
  • This series won the ABIA Book of the Year Award 2015

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