The 39 Clues: The Maze of Bones

First in the epic series. 39 clues to unscramble. One huge puzzle to solve… Minutes before she died, Grace Cahill changed her will, leaving her descendants an impossible decision: “You have a choice – one million dollars or a clue.” Grace Cahill was the last great leader of the Cahills, the world’s most powerful family. Everyone from Napoleon to Houndini, Mozart to Benjamin Franklin, is related to them. 39 clues hidden around the world will reveal the clan’s secret – but no one has ever managed to find them. Now the race is on. Amy and Dan Cahill must hunt for clues and find out what REALLY happened to their parents. Against them are the world’s darkest enemies. Luckily, YOU are on their side…

  • A dramatic story quest with a real online game to play
  • First in a blockbusting series where YOU solve the riddle
  • This first book is by Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan
  • Thrilling interactive fun – The Da Vinci Code for kids

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  • Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan is blockbuster author of the best-selling Percy Jackson books, The Kane Chronicles and the Magnus Chase series.


    Rick won the Askews and Red House Children’s Book Awards for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in 2006, and was named the US Children’s Choice Author of the Year in 2011.

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