The Babysitters Club (new) #1: Kristy's Great Idea

It all began with a great idea…

Kristy Thomas has a plan – a brilliant business idea to form a club of friends who will babysit for neighbours. And with the help of Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey – vice-president, secretary and treasurer – the Babysitters Club soon gets off to a flying start! Everyone’s favourite babysitters are back in this fantastic repackaging of the classic teen series that’s sold over 176 million copies. Friendships are forged, adventures begun and life lessons learned in this very first story. Be part of something special!

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  • liked it

    this is the second book to the series and it tells you how they go the idea of babyysitting and how they put it together

    3 March 2012

  • loved it

    It was amazing I couldn’t put the book down! FAB!!!

    27 April 2011

  • It looks like a good book to me!

    I want to read it so much!

    20 August 2010

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