The Babysitters Club (new) #2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

Being a good babysitter isn’t always easy. The vice-president of the Babysitters Club, Claudia Kishi, is learning that the hard way. She and the other club members have started getting mysterious calls on the job. Is it the Phantom Caller, a jewel thief who’s been breaking into houses in the area? One thing is certain – the friends need to take action to protect the kids in their care! Be part of something special with this addictive adventure from a series that’s sold over 176 million copies.

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  • loved it

    the babysitters club have been having loads of phone calls latley but dont know who it is or what they want… i think that this is the greatest book so far because it is mysterious and when i read it i wanted to get to the end to see who make all those calls

    3 March 2012

  • All the babysitters books are great ! This one is no exception, it’s great to see people reading them despite their age. Great read, i would recommend for ages 12+

    3 March 2012

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