The Bicycle Spy

War, spies and sport in one explosive read. How fast can you pedal for the final page? Marcel loves cycling – racing through the streets of his French town, delivering bread for the bakery his parents own. He dreams of riding in the Tour de France, the world’s greatest bike race. But since the Nazis invaded France two years ago, the race has been called off. Now there are soldiers everywhere, spoiling Marcel’s rides with scary checkpoints. But when Marcel learns two big secrets, he realises there are worse things about the war than a cancelled race. His friend’s family is being hunted by the Nazis. Can Marcel’s pedal power – and spying skills – save their lives?

  • A gripping World War Two story set in occupied France
  • Award-winning author who has published over 27 books
  • Beautifully written historical story with a sporty twist
  • The perfect read to accompany study of the war

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