The Blood Guard #1: The Blood Guard

Imagine Alex Rider on a mission to save souls. Car chases, great gadgets, supernatural foes. Our epic new fantasy action series to rival Percy Jackson and blow James Bond right out of the water. Michael Grant (author of Gone) says it’s the best. And we say so too.

The Blood Guard are bodyguards like no others. An ancient order who protect the only truly good souls on Earth. Thirteen-year-old Ronan Truelove has just discovered he’s a member. Suddenly his mother’s weird insistence on martial arts lessons makes sense. High-octane missions, hardcore villains, magical stunts and great wisecracks: they’re all part of a day’s work. It’s good vs evil. No holds barred. And now Ronan must save his parents, the girl of his dreams – and the world.

If you love Merlin, Percy Jackson, CHERUB, Alex Rider... basically, if you’ve ever liked any adventures at all, The Blood Guard is gonna be a blast. Bigger than a supervolcano.

“Wildly intense and deviously funny… Very cool stuff.” Michael Grant

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