The Burp That Saved the World

Think burping is gross? Bad luck: it’s the only thing that can save you! Imagine a town of perfectly nice, polite people. Then imagine two yucky kids: the burping Mustard twins. Their huge burps can shatter glass and even stun a rhino. But can they stop a spaceship of evil aliens? This must be the funniest read-aloud storybook EVER. Why? Because you get to add yucky sound effects. Tee-hee! Don’t read it before dinner. But definitely do read it after. Especially if you’ve had a fizzy drink!

  • A disgusting treat for kids who like all things yucky
  • Brilliantly funny plot and bright, bold pictures
  • Author Mark Griffiths is a top comedy screenwriter
  • He has written for Smith and Jones, BBC1 and Radio 4

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