The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home

Suzy is a little French cat with a beautiful stripy coat and long white whiskers. Suzy likes living in France, chasing butterflies and being stroked the wrong way. But what Suzy doesn’t like is straying far from home… One day she finds a cosy little basket, clambers in and falls asleep. When she wakes she discovers she is actually in the basket of a hot air balloon, which has taken her all the way to England. How is she ever going to find her way back home? The funny and heartwarming story of a little cat making a big journey, and learning all sorts of things about herself on the way!

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  • okay

    A nice little adventure story about a cat but it’s aimed more at younger children. I liked the pictures though :)

    9 March 2013

  • I loved this book. When she went across the sea it was so cute as she just meowed and no=one understood her. But she was taken in and loved, which is all a cat needs really. She did miss her home and does she find her way back…. you’ll have to read it and see!

    7 March 2012

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