The Children of the King

Love war stories? Here’s one with a difference. A tale of the Second World War. Of a castle. Of five children… and a past and present that collide. As the Blitz bombs hit, wartime London has become a dangerous place to live. So the Lockwood children are whisked away to Heron Hall in the country, to stay with their Uncle Peregrine. But when Cecily and Jeremy find two mysterious boys hiding in the ruins of a nearby castle, a haunting time-slip adventure begins. Could they really be the sons of a medieval king? Goodnight Mister Tom mixed with Merlin. Magical writing by a true great.

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    21 March 2014

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    this book has a lot of mystery and its really enjoyable to watch

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    Children of the King is a book set in the war. It tells you about these two kids and a mom who have been sent as evacuees from London by their dad. Cecily, Jeremy and their mom, Heloise, have been sent to live in Heron Hall. Do they get on okay? Or do they live there forever?

    I think that this book is good because it has an effect of mystery and you want to keep turning the pages, I also like this book because the characters are like ones that you would met in a normall day which means you can really relate to them.

    This book is probaly for ages 12-13.

    Charlotte, aged 11

    24 February 2014

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    Sonya Harnett won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for Thursday’s Child.

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