The Children's Encyclopedia of Animals

An animal-lover’s essential guide! Take a walk on the wild side and get close to some of nature’s living marvels in a dazzlingly illustrated and photographed book full of cool ‘Did You Know’ facts. This beautiful book lets you discover all the secrets of the animal kingdom, from mammals and fish to reptiles and scuttling creepy-crawlies. Did you know that a mole can tunnel through 100m of earth in a day? That brown bears can run at speeds of up to 55km per hour? Or that the starfish is a hungry hunter that munches on mussels, drilling holes in their shells to get at the meat inside? Packed with amazing photos and incredible facts, this is where nature gets close up!

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  • I am gettin this book from bookclub next week and i cant wait looks soo good

    Lolabug09 xxxx

    9 November 2010

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