The Dinosaur That Pooped... Little Library

Longing to meet this poopy dino? These funny short tales let little people in on the big giggles. We all adore the Dinosaur That Pooped. (Even his noisy bottom troubles make us smile.) His bestselling books have shaken the planet like a dino-sized earthquake. Who even knew that dinosaurs could be this funny? There’s just one problem: until now, the Dinosaur’s books have been quite BIG. What if you’re very small and you want to enjoy them? Well – problem solved! This Little Library brings you four mini books based on four of his great stories. All the fun, all the poo, all the laughter – but less words! Cool!

  • The perfect introduction to this funny dinosaur’s world
  • Four mini stories based on his bestselling picture books
  • Big colourful pictures and just a few words per page
  • Chunky, simple board books for the youngest fans

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