The Fairytale Hairdresser and Beauty and the Beast

The shaggy Beast gets his own fairytale makeover. Handsome inside and out! Kittie Lacey is Fairyland’s top hair stylist. She’s a total hair-oine! So if anyone can save the Beast from a bad fur moment, Kittie is that person. The Beast is a sweetie-pie with a wild appearance. His heart has been melted by Bella, the prettiest girl in Fairyland. Could she ever love someone so beastly? True beauty is on the inside. But Kittie’s makeovers also work wonders. That’s why she’s always fully booked.

  • Seventh in this magically funny, bestselling series
  • A fabulous modern twist on a classic fairy tale
  • Beautiful artwork full of appealing details to spot
  • Touching message about being loved for who you are

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