The Fear Zone

Who said the only thing to fear is fear itself? They were kind of right – and also horribly wrong. When five kids are invited to a cemetery at midnight, they think it’s a prank. But (oh dear) it’s not. They find a gravestone with a message on it, telling them to dig up a grave. So they do it. They think it’s a joke. But the joke’s on them. They’ve just set free an evil force that takes the shape of their worst fears. A shark in the water. A ghost in the walls. A nightmare of being buried alive. An evil clown. A snake about to strike. What would you see if your darkest terrors came to deadly life?

  • Spine-chilling fun for fans of Shadow House and Goosebumps
  • Irresistible horror with the creepy feel of a modern Poltergeist
  • A hugely readable page-turner full of spooky twists and scares
  • By the author of The Collector and the Runebinder Chronicles

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