The Five Realms #3: The Beasts of Grimheart

The bonedancers have the Bard. He’s trapped in their temple. What do they want? To hear Podkin’s story, of course! So what’s next for the brave bunny whose tale has caused so much trouble? Well – the Gorm are attacking the forest, trying to flush out the Darkhollow rabbits. Podkin is racing to the other side of the forest, to ask the Sparrowfast rabbits for help. But will he make it? Can his companions be trusted? Will he find more of the twelve sacred Gifts? Only one thing is certain: soon Podkin and the Gorm must meet in battle. Who will win? And will the bonedancers let the Bard live?

  • Third in this dazzling, highly acclaimed fantasy series
  • The first Podkin book won the Blue Peter Award in 2017
  • By rising star Kieran Larwood, author of The Peculiars
  • Brilliant illustrations by top fantasy artist David Wyatt

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