The Flip-Flop Club: Charmed Summer

Three best friends and a summer of fun!

When Elly is sent to stay with her aunt on Sunday Island for the summer, she is bored and lonely. But then she receives a mysterious invitation to a midnight feast in a tree house, and her summer suddenly gets much sunnier! She sneaks out of the house only to stumble into a girl called Sierra, who is just as lost as she is. Then a helpful little dog leads them into an overgrown maze, where a grinning girl called Tash welcomes them! “I thought a midnight feast would be a great start to our summer on Mystery Island!” Soon the girls are fast friends, exploring the island, swimming and eating ice creams. But an old mystery surrounding buried treasure links their pasts – and threatens their friendship. Can they solve the riddle and still remain friends?

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  • loved it

    i think this book is awesome i love it so much because it is so mysterious especially when tash sends the mysterious notes and maps and that is when the adventure starts.

    27 August 2015

  • I have read this book and and its really good 1 of the best books I have read maybe not one of the best but I am reading the series end this with a 4 out of 5

    16 June 2014

  • Nice book hope you read it

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    really nice book it is a story about friend ship i hope you read it

    2 August 2013

  • loved it

    This is such an exciting and fun loving book it I can’t wait to read the other books I love how it’s like everyday life but almost magical.

    20 June 2013

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