The Funny Life of Teachers

From a top comedian – the truth about teachers! Laugh at all the secret stuff they’ll never ever admit! What do teachers get up to when they’re not cramming your brains with facts? Are they undercover detectives? Champion roller-blade dancers? Or do they hang out with hundreds of cats? James Campbell has done extensive research into this tricky question. And here he is, with the laugh-out-loud lowdown! Find out: why you should always carry an emergency banana with you. How to fire yourself into school on a medieval catapult. How to fart in class silently. (OK, you already knew that.) Read the book forwards, backwards, sideways and in 861,000 other ways. Teachers beware! You have no secrets anymore!

  • A witty treat by Comedy 4 Kids creator James Campbell
  • Real-life facts, imaginary stories and wacky cartoons
  • James has performed his Comedy 4 Kids show worldwide
  • He has appeared on Blue Peter and in front of the Queen

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