The Great Paper Caper

A forest mystery bursting with Oliver Jeffers’ wonderful art. Who is cutting down the trees? Hmm: does that shaggy bear know anything? There’s trouble in the forest! The animals’ homes are vanishing. Tree by tree, the forest is being cut down. But by whom? Let’s look for clues! There must be clues. Look – there’s a mysterious bear carrying an axe! But why would a bear want so many trees? Do those paper airplanes on the forest floor tell a story? If you love trees, laughter, mysteries or animals, read this funny book. A totally unique picture book mystery about looking after your planet.

Winner of a Bisto Award.

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  • Awards

    Oliver Jeffers has won the Blue Peter and Nestle Smarties prizes for Lost and Found, and has won multiple awards in his native Ireland. He was also named a Booktrust Best New Illustrator in 2008.

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