The Hypnotists

From the maestro, Gordon Korman – a HUGE conspiracy thriller to make your eyes twist in their sockets. Jax can make people do what he wants. But now he’s wanted big-time… Jax Opus has a gift. Or is it a curse? His colour-changing eyes can hypnotise people. At first, Jax doesn’t know what he’s doing. But his secret power is too strong to hide. Then Jax is offered a special place at the Sentia Institute: a school that will teach him to use his powers. But what for? And who for? Soon Jax is racing against time to save his best friend, his parents and the whole United States…

  • First in a thrilling new series from a master author
  • A funny adventure full of magic and supernatural twists
  • “Hits all the right notes for aspiring magicians” – Booklist
  • Gordon Korman is the author of 39 Clues: One False Note

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  • Photo of Gordon Korman

    Gordon Korman

    Gordon Korman had his first book published at the age of 14, and is now an award-winning, highly successful US author!


    Gordon Korman’s awards include a number of ALA Popular Paperback listings, and the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice Award for The Zucchini Warriors.

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