The Incredible Shrinking Girl #3: The Incredible Shrinking Girl is Totally Famous

She’s big. Then small. And now she’s famous! Laugh larger with this third hysterical story about a girl who can shrink to pocket size. Violet has fallen in love with the awesome milkshakes at Udderly Perfect, the coolest cafe around. But then the cafe is threatened with closure, all because of a mistake Violet made. How can she fix things? Maybe she can persuade her favourite celebrity stuntwoman, Stella Lightfoot, to launch a campaign. But when Violet shrinks and ends up in Stella’s luggage, she realises that her idol isn’t who she thought. Sometimes being tiny is BIG TROUBLE!

  • By the popular author of the Bella Broomstick books
  • A comical tale of being different and saving the day
  • Witty doodle artwork and a fabulously fearless heroine
  • Ideal for fans of Flat Stanley and Pippi Longstocking

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  • Lou Kuenzler

    Lou Kuenzler was brought up on Dartmoor and moved to Northern Ireland to study theatre. She went on to work as a theatre director, drama lecturer and workshop leader. Lou now lives in London with her husband and their two children. @LouKuenzler

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