The Ingo Chronicles Pack x 5

Once there was a man who fell in love with a mermaid. He swam down into the sea to be with her, and was never seen again…

Sapphire’s father told her that story when she was little. When he is lost at sea she can’t help but think of the old myth. Then, the following summer, Sapphy meets Faro – an enigmatic Mer boy. Diving down into Ingo, she discovers an intoxicating world she never knew existed, where she must let go of the airy world above, and embrace the sea… But Sapphy doesn’t just crave the wild world beneath the waves; she also longs to see her father once more. And she’s sure she can hear him singing across the water: I wish I was away in Ingo, far across the briny sea… Draw readers into mystery and magic with this haunting, sea-drenched quartet set on the Zennor coast of Cornwall. Steeped in myth and legend, and full of the resonance of the deeps, this saga shows leading poet and author Helen Dunmore at her lyrical best.

“Ingo has a haunting, dangerous beauty all of its own.” Philip Ardagh

“Intensely compelling… gorgeous.” Amanda Craig, The Times

“Like the ocean itself, this book is deep and strange and marvellous.” Nial MacMonagle, The Irish Times

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    These books are really amazing because they leave you at a cliffhangers at the end of the book so you get really inpatient and want to read on and find the next book.So I really recommend this to people who love adventure and mystery.HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

    5 April 2014

  • loved it

    These books are amazing read the first one then got drawn into all of them.

    6 March 2014

  • loved it

    i found thease books impossible to put down the ingo chronicles are the best books helen dunmore has ever writen. i would recomend this to everyone.

    8 January 2014

  • Not the same as the Emily Windsnap series. This has much more of a wild story, much more love between the characters and a much wilder ride. This is not your everyday book set and it is a must read. Five stars per book!!!

    20 October 2013

  • Looks pretty much the Emily Windsnap series, and I guess it probably has the same sort of story.

    9 July 2013

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  • Awards

    Helen Dunmore won the first Orange Prize with her adult novel A Spell of Winter.

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