The Invisible Dog

Henry the Great Dane is invisible. Invisible, that is, to everyone except Janie. He’s her make-believe dog, and she loves him. Yet she dreams of having a real dog one day. But there’s one other person who can see Henry: old Mrs Garrow, who lives in the end cottage. She has a cackling laugh and a black cat. And she might be able to make Janie’s wish come true…

  • A heartwarming story about a child who yearns for a pet
  • Told with Dick King-Smith’s trademark heart and humour
  • Short yet satisfying fiction – ideal for building fluency
  • By the classic author of The Sheep-Pig and The Hodgeheg

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  • Photo of Dick King-Smith

    Dick King-Smith

    Dick King Smith is the much-loved author of ‘farmyard fantasy’ books like the award-winning The Sheep-pig. He died in January 2011.


    Dick has won many awards including The Guardian Fiction Award 1984 for The Sheep Pig, the Children’s Author of The Year 1992 and The Children’s Book Award 1995 for Harriet The Hare.

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