The Island at the End of Everything

A poetic, dreamy delight: proof that home really is where the heart is. A tale of loyalty, family and getting to choose where you belong. Of all the places you might want to live, a leper colony must be last on the list. Even the pushiest estate agent would struggle to talk it up, right? But for Ami – whose mum is one of the sick – the island of Culion is home. With its blue seas and lush forests, it’s all she’s ever known. But it’s not going to be home for much longer. A horrid new government official says anyone who’s not sick must leave. He doesn’t care if it splits families up. Banished and homesick, Ami feels lost – until she finds a colony of butterflies. Can they lead her back home, before it’s too late?

  • The second book from the author of The Girl of Ink and Stars
  • A lyrical, beautifully imagined tale of family and belonging
  • Vividly described, cinematic storytelling that is a joy to read
  • The Girl of Ink and Stars was nominated for the Carnegie Medal

“Gripping, enjoyable, beautifully written.” Malorie Blackman

“Holds you like a labyrinth and won’t let you go.” Emma Carroll

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  • Awards

    Winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and Nibbies Children’s Book of the Year for The Girl of Ink and Stars.

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