The Kicks: Saving the Team

First in Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan’s kicking football series. Proof that talented Alex can handle a pen just as well as she can tackle a ball. Twelve-year-old Devin loves soccer. If she hadn’t just moved across the US, she would have been seventh-grade captain on her Connecticut school team. But all bets are off at her new school in California. Some of the best players on the US national team come from there. She’s sure to have stiff competition. Or is she? When Devin shows up for tryouts, she finds that her school team – the Kicks – are a total mess. Their coach couldn’t care less whether the girls win or lose. Can Devin turn things around?

  • Written by Olympic soccer player Alex Morgan
  • Alex is a gold medal winner and World Cup player
  • Filled with the true-life ins and outs of football
  • “Light and lively contemporary read” – Booklist

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