The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight

Why should a knight have to fight? What’s so great about scaring people, anyway? Leo the mouse is a little knight who likes to read books, not fight. The others laugh – but he doesn’t care what people say. After all: how do you tame a dragon? How do you stop an angry troll? What should you do if a griffin attacks you? We bet you think a knight should draw his sword and fight! But Leo knows that most monsters just want to enjoy a nice cosy chat. And if you read them a story, they really love that. Especially if it’s about them…

  • Adorable rhyme about a bookish little knight turned hero
  • Best-loved team behind The Snatchabook and Abracazebra
  • Laugh-out-loud celebration of reading, stories and sharing
  • Ogres, dragons, trolls, knights and a message of peace

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