The Lighthouse Keeper: The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat

One fat cat discovers there’s no place like home – especially when it’s a lighthouse. Charming fun from a classic picture book series. Hamish the lighthouse cat enjoys a rather lazy life. Trouble is, naughty mice are running wild all over the place! So Mr and Mrs Grinling decide to put Hamish on a diet. If he gets hungry enough, he’s sure to catch some mice. Hamish is horrified by the idea. In a big huff, he decides to run away. But how long until he starts to miss home? Well – if we lived in a lighthouse, we wouldn’t stay away for long.

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  • Photo of Ronda Armitage

    Ronda Armitage

    Born in New Zealand, Ronda moved to the UK with husband David Armitage and their two young children in 1974, and has remained here ever since, working as school librarian, teacher, family counsellor and author.


    Ronda received the Esther Glenn award for The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch in 1978 and the Coventry Inspiration Book Award for A Very Strange Creature in 2013.

  • Photo of David Armitage

    David Armitage

    David Armitage was raised in Australia and studied fine art before embarking on a career which has seen his paintings exhibited throughout New Zealand, Australia and the US. He now paints and exhibits from a studio at home and is regularly exhibited throughout the UK.


    The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch won the 1987 Esther Glen Award.

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