The Lord of the Rings Pack x 3

Tolkien’s epic fantasy masterpiece: the one to rule them all. Darkness has woken. In the shadowlands of Mordor, evil wizard Sauron has gathered the ancient Rings of Power that will place the whole world under his dominion. Only one ring still escapes him. It must be destroyed before he finds it. So who’ll have the job of getting rid of it? The most unlikely hero imaginable: Frodo Baggins, a gentle, furry-footed hobbit from the sleepy Shire. There will be sinister strangers on dark horses. A terrifying quest to the black heart of Mordor. And an epic battle to save everything that’s good…

  • Tolkien’s epic masterpiece of courage, destiny and corruption
  • Still widely considered the greatest fantasy story of all time
  • Set in a fabulous world of magic, danger and magnificence
  • Follows on from Tolkien’s stand-alone prequel, The Hobbit

“Every kind of colour and movement and greatness.” New Statesman

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  • Awards

    J.R.R. Tolkien was awarded a C.B.E. for his contribution to literature in 1972.

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