The Lost Magician

It’s 1945. The Blitz has ended. But when Simon, Patricia, Evelyn and Larry walk through a mysterious library door, they step into another war. They have come to Folio: a magical kingdom of fairy knights, bears and tree gods, which is being attacked by an evil robot army. But Folio isn’t the only place in trouble. All the story worlds of the Library are locked in eternal war. Their only hope is to find its creator – a magician who has been lost for centuries. But what the children find will change not just their lives, but the fate of all the worlds, forever…

  • A wondrous classic-in-the-making from a major writer
  • A poetic ode to books, reading and the magic of Narnia
  • Piers Torday won the Guardian Prize for The Last Wild
  • There May Be a Castle was a Carnegie Medal nominee

“The new master of books for children who like magic and modernity with their lust for adventure.” The Times

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  • Awards

    Winner of the 2014 Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize for The Dark Wild.

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