The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Hide-and-Seek

Has anyone seen the Magic School Bus? It should be pretty easy to spot. It’s big. It’s yellow. It’s full of chattering kids. It was right here a minute ago. So where has it gone? Psst – it’s gone to the jungle, for a lesson in camouflage! Today is Walker Elementary’s annual game of Extreme Hide and Seek. Every year, D.A. is beaten by a mysterious player known only as The Seeker. But this year, she’s learning the tricks of mimicry and camouflage that animals use to hide from predators. Will she finally defeat The Seeker and be crowned champion?

  • A thrilling new adventure from this classic series
  • Easy text, colour pictures, fun facts and stickers
  • High-interest fun for newly independent readers
  • Inspires curiosity and builds reading confidence

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