The Magic Spice Box: A Children's Cookbook with an Indian Twist!

Yummy sweet and savoury recipes based on Indian spices – plus a fascinating story about each one! How many spices can you name? How many have you tasted? If the answer is ‘not a lot’, you need this tongue-tingling recipe book. Open the Magic Spicebox and unlock a whole new world of flavours! There’s a chocolate mousse with a kick, and a zingy coriander curry. Or why not try the exotic flavours of cardamom and cumin? If you want to know more about these amazing spices, just read the stories (and taste the flavours) in this magical book…

  • Nine tasty recipes using traditional Indian spices
  • Beautifully illustrated with vibrant colour artwork
  • Each recipe comes with a poem about the main spice
  • Story theme about two children who find a spicebox

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