The Magisterium: The Iron Trial

What happens when two great powers meet? Holly + Cassandra. One IMMENSE blockbuster. Holly Black: Spiderwick genius. Cassandra Clare of The Mortal Instruments. It would be an epic battle if they went head to head. But instead, they’ve teamed up. The Iron Trial is the fantasy that everyone needs to be reading this year. It’s also the test that most kids would do anything to pass. But not Callum Hunt. He wants to stay away from magic and the sinister Magisterium. Trouble is, magic is in his blood. The Iron Trial is calling him – and the deadliest test is still to come.

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  • Holly Black

    An avid collector of rare folklore volumes, Holly spent her early years in a decaying Victorian mansion where her mother fed her on a steady diet of ghost stories and faerie tales – an upbringing with eerie similarities to the settings in The Spiderwick Chronicles. She also writes for the older teen audience with her faerie fantasy novels, Tithe and Ironside. Holly lives in Massachusetts with her husband and a spooky doll collection.


    Holly Black was awarded a Newbery Honor for Doll Bones in 2014.

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