The Mighty Dynamo

Football! Friends! Foul play! Noah dreams of being a star player. But when he’s unfairly chucked off his team, can he get back in the game? Noah’s got real talent. He’s not just faking it. His fantasy of going pro might really come true one day. Playing in the Schools’ World Cup qualifiers seems like just what he needs to get scouted. But when he’s banned from his team for something he didn’t do, all his dreams are in doubt. Can Noah kick back against his fate?

  • Inspiring football action for fans of Jamie Johnson
  • Action-packed tale of dreams, friendship and football
  • By the talented author of Colm and the Lazarus Key
  • Funny, heartwarming and perfect for budding players

“This book has it all: laugh-out-loud moments, lump-in-throat moments, an exciting storyline, and great characters you genuinely care about.” Booktrust

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