The Night Before Christmas: Book and CD

The perfect poem to share on Christmas Eve as you listen out for Santa. This lovely classic will bring visions of sugarplums to every sleepy child’s nodding head. Dreamy and magical pictures capture the wonder of Clement C. Moore’s iconic rhyme, in which Santa and all his reindeer arrive with a clatter and pitter and patter! Don’t forget to sing along to the musical CD, which includes three festive songs that all the family will love joing in with. But – hush! Shhh! What was that sound?

  • A classic verse that belongs at the heart of Christmas
  • Richly glowing artwork by top illustrator Eric Puybaret
  • Includes a sing-along CD with three Christmassy songs
  • A complete sensory experience full of Christmas magic
  • A wonderful Christmas gift or family story for Advent

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