The Not-So-Great Depression

What will happen when Jacki’s well-off family are hit by the recession, and have to downsize their whole lives?

Jacki’s ninth-grade teacher is always going on about the unemployment index and the recession. But it doesn’t really sink in until her mother is laid off, and suddenly everything seems to cost more than they can afford. Luckily, Jacki has her best friend Emily to confide in and the adorable Adam to distract her, so she isn’t about to let her family’s money problems bring her down for long. After all, just because they can’t buy a fabulous life doesn’t mean they can’t still have a happy ending – right? Follow spirited Jacki as she learns about the things that really matter in this timely, warmhearted story of tough economic times.

“Koss’s timely novel manages to tackle difficult topics with sympathy, humor, and a lot of heart.” The Horn Book

“Delivers a cast of charming characters.” Kirkus Reviews

“Offers readers likable characters and a personal narrative of economic woes.” School Library Journal

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