The Notebook of Doom #1: Rise of the Balloon Goons

Eeek! Menacing monsters with twisted arms are on the attack! Alexander has just moved to a new town when he finds an old notebook with the word ‘DOOM’ inscribed on the front cover. Seriously – would you open a book like that? Our advice is – don’t! It contains something deadly and secret: a dossier of notes on monsters. Now Alexander has found it, the monsters are out to get him. How he escape from the sinister balloon goons, with their twisted arms and horrid method of attack?

  • First in a hilariously creepy series that builds reading skills
  • Part of the Scholastic Branches line of early chapter books
  • Easy-read text, a fast-paced plot and lots of illustrations
  • Heaps of spooky fun to hook young children into reading

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