The Outsiders

The Outsiders

You’ll stagger under the knockout punch of this gangland classic, written by a teenager who knew that life first-hand. On the mean streets of Ponyboy’s Oklahoma town, it’s Greasers vs. Socs – poor kids vs. the rich kids who despise them. The privileged Socs can get away with anything. The Greasers only have each other. Fighting a fierce turf war, the gangs are trapped in constant battle. But one night, the violence goes too far – and Ponyboy’s world explodes. A boy is dead. Two more are wanted for murder. How can it all end? Hitting harder than a champ boxer, this book defined teen America. Read it, and watch the classic film too.

“Taut with tension, filled with drama.” Chicago Tribune

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    S.E. Hinton

    S.E. Hinton is the awardwinning author of classic books like The Outsiders, one of the bestselling YA novels of all time.


    S.E. Hinton’s accolades include the ALA Margaret A. Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award.

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