The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!

Who says pigeons can’t have pets? Pigeon wants a pup, and he doesn’t do ‘no’. OK? The pigeon wants a puppy! He really, really, REALLY does. He’ll take good care of it! Wait – what’s that you said? “NO”? Oops: you just ruffled a few feathers! What’s the matter? Don’t you want Pigeon to be happy? He’s wanted a puppy forever. Well, at least since last Tuesday. But what will happen when Pigeon finally gets what he wants?

  • A classic funny story about the irrepressible Pigeon
  • Simple yet hilarious artwork in a bold cartoon style
  • Pigeon’s reasoning will have kids in fits of laughter
  • Mo Willems is a triple Caldecott Honor award-winner

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