The Polar Bear Explorers' Club #2: Explorers on Witch Mountain

Witches aren’t real, right? So what should you do when one kidnaps your favourite person ever…? Brave explorer Stella Starflake Pearl can’t wait for her next expedition. But disaster strikes when her father, Felix, is snatched by a ferocious witch! There’s only one way that Stella might get him back: taking her magical ice princess tiara to Witch Mountain. The good news is, she has her loyal buddies to help her, including Beanie the fairy and Gruff the polar bear. But there are a few BIG problems. 1) Bat caves, poisonous apple groves, outraged vultures and deranged broomsticks stand in their way. 2) Nobody ever returns from Witch Mountain…

  • The second fantasy in this gorgeously imaginative series
  • Weaves real-life elements into a wondrous magical world
  • Alex Bell is the acclaimed author of Frozen Charlotte
  • Perfect for fans of Northern Lights and Emma Carroll

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