The Princess Trap

One we’d sell our crowns for. Royals, rebels, romance: this will fill your Princess Diaries gap. Life as a princess = a dream come true, right? Girl, please! Since The Princess Plot, where Jenna found out that she was actual royalty, no part of her life has been her own. Between palace rules, the paparazzi and a mean queen-bee roomie at her posh boarding school – not to mention her crush on Jonas – Jenna wishes she were a plain old nobody again. Which is why she tries to run away… only to get trapped in a scheme to overthrow the king! Uh-oh. Suddenly – seriously? – Jenna must stop a civil war. When all she really wants is her first kiss.

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  • Kirsten Boie

    Kirsten Boie is the author of The Princess Plot and its sequel The Princess Trap.

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