The Rain Came Down

Grab a brolly! The pouring rain makes cats yowl, dogs bark and babies cry. The man yells, and his wife shouts. Is anyone having fun? Just that little boy… Caldecott Honor artist David Shannon – the best-loved creator of No, David! – perfectly captures the chaos of a wild rainstorm. One noisy event leads to another until the sun comes out, and everyone in town ends up smiling and lending a hand…

  • By the creator of award-winning classic No, David!
  • A lively story with a strong rhythm and predictable text
  • Kids will love following the story’s sequential events
  • Feelgood resolution where the sun puts things right

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  • David Shannon

    Caldecott Honor winner and ‘New York Times’ best-seller, David Shannon is the author / illustrator of the popular DAVID series, ‘No, David!’, ‘David Goes to School’ and ‘David Gets Into Trouble’.

    He was inspired to write his DAVID titles after his mother sent him a book he wrote as a little boy. It was illustrated with drawings of David doing all sorts of things he wasn’t supposed to do, and the text consisted entirely of the words ‘no’ and ‘David’!

    Once you step in to the ages of ‘David Gets in Trouble’ you’ll discover Shannon hasn’t slipped too far from this winning formula of his youth.


    David Shannon was awarded a Caldecott Honor for the bestselling No, David!

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