The Rescue Princesses: The Golden Shell

Pretty and high-kicking. Princess action with magic jewels, ninja powers and animal rescues. There are boring princesses. And there are Rescue Princesses. If you’ve met these girls, you’ll know what we mean. They don’t sit around on their thrones all day, demanding tea and cake. They’re much too busy helping cute animals out! Now it’s time for Princess Ella’s big mission. It has a tiny baby rabbit with the softest ears in the world. It has Ella’s first day at a new school. And the secret passages under that school. One escaped bunny. One truly magical adventure.

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  • I absolutely love this book. Especially because they are in school and the academy is amazing. The pet barn is an amazing idea since every princess loves animals. i love the secret passage that they find i the academy. there tower is a lovely name seahorse tower. the older girl molly is very rude. trying to stop them from visiting there pets in pet barn. when they were in lady eggley’s room i was getting shivers up my spine. and daisy lovely with her fluffy pink nose. when she was eating the carrots off Lady Eggley’s locker.

    4 November 2014

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