The Rescue Princesses #4: The Stolen Crystals

Pandas, princesses and peril! The feisty Rescue Princesses face their biggest challenge yet as they race expert crystal thieves to find some priceless jewels! Staying with Jaminta in the incredible Kingdom of Onica has been great fun for the young princesses. They’ve explored the Crystal Mountain and even made friends with a baby panda! Then the girls hear a rumour that the mountain contains the mysterious Crystals of Onica. Can they find the long-lost treasures, or will a ruthless gang of thieves beat them to it?

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  • i think this book is very good

    17 February 2015

  • this book is great. i know Earl Scrant was fishy when i heard what he said to Ally Emily’s Maid. especially when the girls were under the table and he was talking about going up the mountains that was weird and what he did to lucky was selfish by the way lucky is the baby panda cub.

    i highly recommend this book.

    4 November 2014

  • aju

    pretty good it’s awsome

    9 August 2013

  • loved it

    The book was about Princess Jaminta, Emily, Clarabel and Lulu and how they find the heart crystals.

    It was Jaminta’s grandfathers’ birthday and she wanted to make the best birthday present so she found lots of little bits of crystal and stuck them together, she put them in the river in the morning and magic happened.

    My favourite part was when they found the heart crystals. My favourite character was Jaminta because she cares about the little cub that she looked after in the forest.

    I loved the story it’s great for girls.

    Stephanie, aged 8

    18 July 2013

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